Locks E32 and E33 – Time Lapse of the locking experience.

These two locks come up just west of town where we stayed the last two nights in Pittsford NY. ((There is also a good pump out station just west of town, but we’ll spare you videos of that!

After these, there are only two locks left on the Erie Canal, both in Lockport. We will pass those tomorrow and stay overnight in Tonawanda.

Then, south of Tonawanda there is one more “Black Rock” lock in the lower Niagra River.

“Lake Erie, here we come!”

3 thoughts on “Locks E32 and E33 – Time Lapse of the locking experience.

    • We have seen Blue Heron about 1 every 3 minutes for days. One PAIR flying together for quite some time. (I’ve never seen that species flying in pairs.) Probably a couple of teenagers. LOL

      Two bald eagles. A few Osprey. Very few bugs (surprisingly!)

      The Canada Geese offspring all have the more mature plumage now here.

      We have not had a chance to see the stars yet. I am looking forward to that!!! It has been years for us to see stars like we had back in Maine.


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