A day of success overcoming key hurdles…

We are secured to a “free wall” in Pittsford NY tonight with TWO other Mainship 390 Trawlers just like ours! Green Eyed Lady and Knot Ready are tied up to the municipal dock in the village of Pittsford tonight. All three are the same make and model! We also made friends underway with the owners of GraceSea underway today, and they are tied up here too this evening.

We love this port so much, we’ll stay here for two nights and check out the town tomorrow!

So, “Why are we feeling so relieved and accomplished?”

Two “potential problems” are now permanently behind us!

There is a problem between locks E29-E30 with a failed dam (blowout) on this segment. Water levels are therefore a full 4 feet below normal.

This makes it closed to all traffic that requires 5ft of draft or more. And I would say boats with more than 3.5 feet of draft should stay away.

We passed slowly, without incident, and the other two Mainship 390s succeeded as well.

Having this behind us is a HUGE relief!

The other is having Bridge E123 in Wayneboro NY behind us. It has a vertical clearance of only 15.7 feet… which is the LOWEST fixed bridge clearance of the whole America’s Great Loop. Some boats opt for Canadian waters just avoid these low bridges on the western Erie Canal.

We decided to lower our canvas to be certain not to hit bridge E123.

We are so glad to have these potential problem spots behind us!

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