“Marriage Savers”


So, why were you guys holed up in Baldwinsville for 3 nights?


We were waiting for the delivery of another pair of Eartec full-duplex headsets.

The admiral has determined that this communication system between the helm (me) and the person handling the lines as we lock (her) is “essential equipment“.

As such, if a headset was to be lost overboard, that headset needs to be replaced. Perfectly logical.

When you live on a boat, many “little” things like shipping out a package or receiving a package becomes much more complicated.

Updated report: today, with a newly replaced pair of headsets, (in between customer calls) we successfully negotiated Locks E25, E26, E27, E28A and B with our wireless COM System! Thanks again to Eric and C&S for helping provide a ship-to address for us!

The next question is this: “Does the new replacement headset now have a lanyard to prevent it from going overboard?”

The short answer is, “Yes.”


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