The happening place in Baldwinsville NY on the Erie Canal.

Angry Garlic is the happening place in this lock town, and they had this SIMI Cab on their wine list (one of our faves).

Shelly and I have visited the SIMI Vineyards in Sonoma Valley CA.

In this town, the lock itself is right down town! And they have a free overnight floating dock to tie up to. Shore power is a modest $5/night (honor system).

Marcy, our waitress, is the best; and they have live music inside (just the right volume level for us out here on the sidewalk).

Marcy and restaurant owner, Jeff, are pictured here with us.

Here is another Simi connection from S-Dock!

[Hi Tina!]

(Corporate requires that I appear in at least 2% of our blog posts, so here is the obligatory pic!)

A gent just pulled up to the curb next to our table with this nice quiet ride. [Not]

We thanked him for completing his parking job. <grin>

Seriously it is a fine bike that got a LOT of admirers during our tenure on this sidewalk.

Here are some close-ups:

Basically, this has been a great “date” night-on-the-town here at E24 on the Erie Canal!

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