Buffalo – “Final Choice!”

We arrived at a significant intersection today, with a decision to be made:

Shall we continue west on the western Erie Canal?


Head up the Oswego Canal to Lake Ontario?

This sign post shows the point of choice.

Here it is on the chartplotter:

And here is the decision point highlighted the on the AGLCA Map:

Basically, we are traveling east to west; we could go north up to Oswego on Lake Ontario. But instead, we decided that we shall head west, staying on the Erie Canal towards Buffalo.


The border to Canada is still closed due to Covid.

So we selected the western Erie Canal so we can stay in the US the whole way. The other route required passage in Canada involving expense and red tape! Notice that the Lake Ontario route requires passage down the Canadian Welland Canal west of Niagra Falls. (Thus the problem while the border is closed.)

So, “Buffalo, here we come!”

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for my long time friend Eric Quinn. We had planned to rendezvous for dinner with our wives, and some family boating/locking but his appendix had other plans. Shelly and I may have to come back this time next year for a second chance.

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