First Locks to get us on the Erie Canal!

To get to the Erie Canal from the Hudson River one has to go through the Federal Lock at Troy NY whose “lift” is 17.3 feet. This is a look back at the Troy Lock chamber. Above this lock it is all fresh water, and there are no tides.

Soon after Troy Lock we saw this famous blue sign.

Boats continuing north on the Hudson end up in Lake Champlain and eventually Canada and the St Lawrence waterway.

We took a left to enter the historic Erie Canal. The first five locks on the Erie Canal are numbered E2 through E6, together they are known as the Waterford “Flight”. Combined with Troy the Flight brings our boat to Mohawk River, elevation: 184 feet above sea level!

Waiting for E2 to open…

All the turbulence seen here could only mean one thing!

The chamber is now emptying. East-bound boats will soon exit the chamber, and we will then get the “green light” to navigate into the lock chamber for a ride UP!

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