Headin’ into the “Big Apple”…

7:00am at Lawrence NY, Ron pushed us off for NYC and the Hudson River.

90 minutes later we took the big turn to north at Rockaway Point. (3/4 mile visibility in fog).

A large cargo ship is leaving NYC… look at the huge red and white radar echo it makes on the screen below! Shortly before taking this pic, it was under the Varrazano Narrows Bridge; it didn’t appear to have much vertical clearance left!

(With doppler radar, red echos are moving toward us, white are stationary objects or those neither moving closer or away. )

Modern day navigation electronics (GPS, AIS + Radar combined) make it fun in busy harbors like NYC.

Here is what the Varrizano Narrows Bridge looks like on radar.

Here it is in our wake as we steam north into New York harbor.

The fog burnt off as we met the lovely lady!

North of the city, we saw this gaff rigged sloop reaching across the Hudson before we got to the George Washington Bridge.

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