Bon Voyage Gazebo Party at S-Dock

  • Saturday May 22 we had lots of friends come to see us before we push off for our trip, most of whom are listed here:
  • Russell
  • Tom & Lynn
  • Bobby & Amy
  • Marc & Colleen (overnight aboard Precious Cargo)
  • Jane
  • Helga
  • Pat
  • Betty
  • Arlene
  • Nick (our son) & GF Desiree
  • Grammy Jeanne
  • Jenn (Dez’s sister)
  • Veronica
  • Lily Grace
  • Nevaeh Sky (heaven spelled backwards!)
  • Alice & (daughter) Chelsea
  • It was a fantastic day, we are SO grateful to have so many friends to see us off!
  • Thank you all!
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