Time for some FUN!

Mother’s Day started off very nice, weather-wise. I finished off some chores.

Shelly came aboard and hung out downstairs in the salon.

Lots of calls with family today!

The afternoon’s weather turned ugly. So I decided to try out the newly mounted Ham Radio and antenna systems under the cover of canvas up on the bridge where I could stay dry and fairly warm with a jacket on.

The console to the Ham Radio is shown here, just set up for some testing.

It was a day to work out some kinks. But we prevailed over the technical challenges and made four shortwave (HF) contacts on the 20 Meter Band with:

  • Slovenia
  • Netherlands
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • …with some great guys who appreciated making a “Maritime Mobile” contact with us (ham radio aboard a boat).
  • It was fun to take a break from all the projects and enjoy my old hobby, making distant contacts on Ham Radio. It was gratifying to know this humble station could “get out” for world-wide communications!
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