Wireless Internet on Shellerina!

When you visit Shellerina we can give you access to our own WiFi Access Point. What is the SSID?

Shellerina of course!

Pictured here are the guts: two MiMo vertical antennas and a Pepwave dual-modem CAT 12 router. Two SIM cards: VZW and T-Mobile.

The smaller ‘black box’ is the Pepwave router. The rabbit ears are WiFi paddle antennas for you to connect to, to gain access to the boat’s network. This wireless network has been operable at our home since Christmas when Santa delivered it. But it is now deployed on the boat where it was intended.

Also visible in the antenna pic is our new radar doppler scanner, Raymarine Quantum2.

The larger black box in the second pic is an Icom 7100 amateur radio and SSB Marine HF radio. (More on that later.)

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