It ain’t all fun & games!

Boats are maintenance intensive.


Engine Room pics:

Getting full access to the engine room is a major project on this boat. Furniture all has to be moved.

This is the old 10 micron (primary) Racor fuel filter element that got replaced today. New ones are white, used ones are pink, dirty ones like this clearly need to be replaced!

Air Filter (above) needs to be replaced; part is ordered!

Strainer (right) for A/C pump (upper left) got cleaned today; the through hull fitting valve (lower left) got “exercised.”

Air conditioners on land pump the heat (hot AIR) outside. On boats, cool sea water is sucked in and the heat is pumped outside as warmed WATER! It’s more efficient on boats than on land!

Secondary fuel filter (2 micron) got replaced today.

New OIL filter is on the list later this fall when the boat is hauled for winter, and the engine oil gets changed.

Pictures like this of V-Belts help ensure correct replacements are purchased for the next maintenance project day.

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