Breezy morning … awake at Cedar Beach Marina

Stiff breeze out of the NE pushing us into the bulkhead and pushing our bow hard to port. It will take a careful plan to get out of here! There is no calming of the wind forecasted later in the day.



We are now anchored in the cove, after an [almost] perfect departure from our windy slip.

1. Tied the two stern lines just looped around dock cleats and back so we could untie from the boat.

2. Warmed up the engine, idled into gear, pushing us off the bulkhead.

3. While in gear, but held in place by the two stern lines, I went up forward and untied all the lines to the pilings; brought them on board.

4. Still in gear, two stern lines holding us in place, the down wind stern line was observed to be slack and not doing anything. So, we untied it and brought it aboard too.

5. With only one line securing us to the dock, and the engine idling forward in gear, we had the owner of the boat next to us gently pay out that last line as we gradually exited the slip under control, but against a stiff breeze.

6. Just as he let go of that last line we started to be blown into his anchor / bow tackle. So I steamed ahead to clear his bow. Shelly was not ready for that, and was not sitting down. So, she fell, minor bumps and injuries.

So, we didn’t get an A+ for the maneuver. But it was otherwise pretty masterful.

Post Evaluation: Use a longer line for the last connection, so the dock mate paying out the line can keep some tension on the last line until we clear the boat downwind of us.

I wish I had this on video!

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