Second day underway…

Ray did some catch up at the office while the skies were clearing towards partly cloudy. Then Shelly and I came to the boat to do a few more annual turn up rituals. Bedding got set up, troubleshooting the electric windlass was needed, etc. Then we pushed off for another short jaunt on Great South Bay.

There were three other boats out there. Pretty sparse.

Upon our arrival back at S-Dock, Shelly took care of the removal of last year’s Town of Babylon marina stickers, and afixed the 2018 season pass. We are trying to figure out what the sunset will look like tonight. Just the right combination of clouds and sun is best. Too early to tell for this evening’s daylight epilogue; it could go either way. Here you can see “Captain” Shelly with her water and an empty B-Mary cup after our chores were completed for the day.

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