We are back up and running!

Parts arrived today, Thursday, seawater pump, fuel pump, and hoses.  They are now installed and we are back in business. 

This our sixth season in this boat and we never knew of the reservoir in the seawater pump that needs a few ounces of gear lube to keep the cam and rocker arm lubricated. That was the root cause of failure underway last Saturday.  

  Being down for (a rare) six days was a time for us to contemplate how good this boat has been to us.  This is our sixth season, and we have kept up on the maintenance; the boat has rewarded us with reliability which we love!  But there is always something new to learn.  This time it was to make sure the oil reservoir in the seawater pump has some gear lube in it, or the rocker arm of the fuel pump will fail!


I took an unplanned day off from work.  To celebrate the engine being fixed, and having an open calendar.   The weather was perfect too.    We had a great day touring some of our usual spots on Great South Bay.   

Back at S-Dock, we heard on the VHF radio that Contingency had transmission problems, and would be coming back from the planned Labor Day weekend at Oakdale Yacht resort.   They have two engines, but Brian did not want to keep going on the one.   So Friday night was all families here at S-Dock.  

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