Labor Day Weekend 2017

Great sunrise this morning!

Odometer for the season so far is 1040 statute miles; moving time is 100+38. 

We pushed off around 11:00am after sharing Bagels and smoked white fish with dock mates.   Shelly and I hung out anchored at Cedar Beach for most of the day.  It was overcast and not very busy there.   But we enjoyed it.   I took a power nap.   We weighed anchor at 4:45.   We went  west to the Amittyville Cut, then headed east to our home port.   White caps were forming, so we came off plane to make for an easier ride into the wind.   The State Channel had been much milder. 

As we pulled into the Neguntatogue Creek where our marina is , we saw Precious Cargo approaching the MarineMax fuel dock. They had invited us to join them for dinner in Massapequa.  But Shelly looked at the menu online, and we decided to pass. She has been very careful of late because her cholesterol is a bit high.  

5:45 we secured at S-Dock.   Odom 1040 statute miles for the season. 138.5 hours. 

It was raining, but that did not stop us from fixing up some Grilled Salmon and Corn on the cob!   The wind was picking up, so we had to keep re-igniting the grill.  But all turned out tasty good. We knew Precious Cargo would have a bumpy ride back!   But they were all secured by 9:30 pm.   Marc kept it safe and slow for the ride back from dinner bucking a stiff Easterly breeze. 

That night was very stormy.  Lots of rain and wind.   Our hatch leaked a bit, which made it more difficult for Shelly to sleep. 

Saturday morning was kinda ugly too.  Evidently something they ate at dinner made Andria and daughter Lennon sick.   Marc and Colleen’s dog Masie, who ate some of the restaurant’s food also got sick.   Needless to say, Shelly and I were very glad we cooked for ourselves last night.  

Key bullets for Sunday:

  • Waited for clearing in the afternoon
  • Cleaned the brown scum on the waterline
  • Did a thorough cleaning of our Magma grill
  • Pumped out and did some plumbing, new Joker Valve installed.  
  • Helped Andria with puky laundry and watched kids so she could bring Brian to ER, with his sciatica pain.  
  • Marc and Ray visited Brian later, who spent the night at the hospital.  
  • Somehow managed to have a nice dinner grilled here at the dock.  Precious Cargo is large enough to seat 5 or 6 adults at the dinner table.  

Monday – Labor Day

Thinking of pushing off early for a breakfast on the hook.    But decided to hang tight until we see if our help is needed with our dockmates.  

We coordinated coverage with Colleen.   She is on watch for the morning in case Andria wants to go to the hospital.  We will relieve her this afternoon.  

We pushed off around 9:30am, and anchored in Cedar Beach Cove.     Marc visited for 30 minutes or so by jet ski.   We stayed there until 2:00 ish.   

When we got back, S-Dock was a happening place.   Marc’s chicken was almost ready to come off the grill.  Tom and Tracy’s last weekend ( they are moving to So Carolina this week), Brian’s return from the hospital, lots of boat owners that do not often see were there!   We were glad to be a part of it all. After things settled down, I assisted Marc’s cleaning job of the S-Dock grill.   Ray tried to get a few pics of the near full moon rising as the sun set. 

Well before the sun set, Steve Ramano, skipper of SIMI and other vessels of record, shred with us his “alter ego” aboard his land skiff. 

While this Labor Day weekend did not turn out as we planned, it was a good time with friends.   Shelly and I just had dinner at the Lindenhurst Diner.   We are going to go see Nick next.  

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