By the numbers …  this season.       2/3rds thru August. 

The first number we log is how many times we untied and got underway this season (58), as of this date, 8/20/2017.

The second number is how many times one or both of us came to the boat and spent a significant amount of time working or enjoying the boat, right at the dock (52), without getting underway.  

The third number is how many times we woke up on the boat, overnights (62).  

Our Garmin additionally keeps track of our miles like an odometer on a car.   So far this season we are at 992 miles.  I suspect it will not exceed 999, so we’ll be watching that today and this week.  

We reset the Garmin on July 15 when it was at 727 miles for the season, and the “Moving Time” exceeded 99:59.  

We were at 98:05 on July 8, 2017.  So the “Moving Time” of 32:12 is since the reset on July 15.   So I estimate our total Moving Time this season is +/- 135 hours. 

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