Father’s Day!

I have already exchanged nice text messages with Nick.   We are anchored in the lee of Fox Island to escape the muggy weather ashore.   Nice breeze here, and about a half mile of visibility in some fog.  

We travelled 335 miles aboard Shellerina for this vacation, a few miles further than previous years.    I have hats from Shelter Island, Block Island, and Sag Harbor.   I’m wearing the Shelter Island one today.    33+23+21

Now anchored in Cedar Beach’s Cove.  Water temp is up to 72F!   

We made it back to our S-Dock home slip on Friday, the rainy day.  We were glad to find our dockmates were not intimidated by the weather.   So, like most Friday nights, S-Dock was fully populated and festive.  

Steve and Tina were hanging out with us.    Like expectant parents, they have been waiting for delivery of their 40 foot cruiser shown below after it arrived from Florida yesterday.  Isn’t it a beaut!   Captain George, the guy who brought the boat up to Long Island from Florida, needed a hot meal, and Shelly’s chilli/stew, made on the hook back at Shelter Island came through as the perfect remedy!  He is quite an accomplished mariner.   He made our port in Lindenhurst in one 12 hours day all the way from Virginia Beach VA!

A new addition to the S-Dock arrived yesterday. A 40 foot Formula with twin Volvo pods (diesel!) with Tina aboard and husband Steve at the helm. His first dock landing was performed masterfully! She is shown here passing the bow of Shellerina for the first time.

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