Cruise Day 8

We took the “inside route” just to say we did (we never have) back to Great South Bay from the Hamptons.   It was not such a great route.  There is a lot of shoaling in the channel that goes east-west near the Moriches Inlet and Coast Guard station.   3 feet of water at high tide.    So basically we got our stainless steel prop pollished up.  We timed it with the high tide.   We’ll go around the outside next time, just like we did heading east a week ago. 

Explorers have to explore!

This picture shows the bad spot near nun buoy #26.   My recommendation is to avoid this area until they dredge.  

We destinated at AuquaMarina Sunset Harbour in East Patchogue.   A new place we never heard of; it was recommended by Marc of Precious Cargo.   Thanks Marc!

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