On the hook! West Neck Harbor.

We have decided to stay “on the hook” tonight.   That means we are not at a dock, at a port, with the luxuries of hot showers and shore facilities.   While those things are very nice, staying and waking on the hook is a more close to nature “thing” and we used to do it a LOT back in Maine.   I’m looking forward to doing it again tonight.

We need to pay a little closer attention to battery voltages and such, as the fridge and lights draw from them.   But it’s all manageable!

Shelly is cooking!   You can probably smell how good it is from where you are.

We picked this place for the night, back where we started our day, West Neck Harbor, Shelter Island NY.   T-Boomer possibilities for the night have been cancelled.    With the wind still coming from the SW, you can see how this anchor position for the night is a sweet spot!

9:55pm some rain drops making some noise on the canvas.   There was some heat lightning to the north; but basically we are vegging for the night.

There are fish jumping all around us!  The are not huge, but they are there!

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