Cruise day 5 

Here is our departing picture of the inactivated USCG station at Block Island.  It holds a predominant spot on the south side of the entrance to New Harbor (aka Great Salt Pond) on Block Island.   We were underway by 6:30am, as the wind was already blowing 10 mph.  We wanted to get across to Long Island before it got any windier than that.  

8:15 am.  Below is our view of Montauk Lighthouse as we approached Long Island after a 21 mile cruise back from Block.    There were swells running that kept us off plane for the crossing.  The fastest we could go was about 10mph.  Below that you can see the “M” bell buoy which tells us we made it to Montauk Harbor, where the in-service USCG Station greets us after we pass the Inlet.  

After a late, well earned, breakfast, and buying another waterproof chart that filled some holes in our collection, we toured the rest of this surprzingly large port.  After we saw it all, we headed out to see Threemile Harbor and Sag Harbor.   
Threemile was quiet as expected, but there were more homes and boats there than we expected to see.   Also, in this area AND the beaches east of Montauk Harbor, we were surprized to see lots of mobile campers pulled by SUVs set up right on the beach!   I guess in these less densely populated areas, folks are allowed to set up camp right on the beach.   Between Long Island’s eastern most point and Sag Harbor we could not count the miles of beautiful unused beach areas, much of which is inaccessible by any vehicle, except perhaps by boat!

Upon approaching Sag Harbor we saw this huge, elegant sailboat/yacht anchored outside the Harbor.  

FMI on this beautiful boat:–319    Copy and paste in your browser if the hyperlink does not work.   It is a good article on an impressively designed boat. 

What is really impressive is how tall the mast is.   I could not get a good pic of that to show here.   

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