“Butler Beach G-43” anchorage mm 786.2

We were on our way to St. Augustine, but were not going to make it in time for a 2:00pm Zoom meeting. So, several cruising guides showed this to be an anchorage (but no reviews).

We decided to try it out! Observations.

1. We saw only 4.2 feet of water here at mid tide. We didn’t dare going further down.

2 . There was wake from the nearby ICW.

We anchored very close to the long private wharfs as that’s where depth was was barely adequate. After a second meeting at 4:00pm we were off to Salt Run anchorage near the Conch House in St. Augustine.

Bottom Line is this: While “it worked” it may not be a suitable for us or others next time through.

Unfortunately, our Dual-Transducer Raymarine Axiom chart plotter which creates nice bottom contour lines, has been on the fritz, so we could not get a thorough bathymetry picture for you. Our older OEM depth sounder works fine.

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