Itinerary for the next week or two.

Not shown in order… here are the next “Routes” programmed into our chart plotter . We don’t usually program this far in advance. But we been anchoring out a lot, and for most of the month of May we’ll be in a resort marina…. AND we’ll have our CAR!!!

Today we left Cooks Creek at mile marker ICW (mm) 893.5

It was a short ride to Daytona Beach mm 829.

Tomorrow, we will leave at 8:00am to make Hammock Beach Marina by noon. It appears to be a very nice place with a swimming pool and laundry facilities. The smell of dirty laundry is tough after a couple weeks.

We’ll have our own pics tomorrow.

Then will come one of the anchorages in St Augustine. mm 778. Notice the mm mile markers are getting smaller. Where is mile ZERO? Answer is below!

North of St Augustine, we will exit the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW mm 740) and make Blount Island in the St Johns River.

We hope to explore a bit more of the St Johns River in the weeks ahead. Most of the passages detailed above are less than 2 hours each. So we should be able to fit some of them in them on work days either at sunrise or before sunset., depending on my appointments.

The ICW or Intra Coastal Waterway begins in Norfolk VA (mm zero) and goes all the way to Brownsville TX. Check back as this blog post is not done yet!!!

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