Pelican Harbor

Our second time anchoring here. ICW mm 1042.2
I believe we are in the town of Highland Beach FL.
Evidently, it may have a second name. Though all other references to this place call it Pelican Harbor.

We found good holding here. Some wake from the traffic on the ICW will make its way in here during the day, especially on weekends. So, it “looks” like the perfect anchorage; it falls just short of that, but still ranks high on our list.

There a few places on the ICW where 25 mph speeds are allowed. In a few, both sides of the canal have cement walls. So the wave energy just bounces off the walls (both sides) and come back into the ICW. There is an amazing amount of wave energy coming at boats from every angle. UNFORTUNATELY this segment of the ICW, by Pelican Harbor, fits this characteristic trait. So, it makes this anchorage earn a 4 instead of a 5.

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