Crandon Park Marina

Ray’s persistent neck pain was becoming an issue. It was not getting better with several strategies that usually work. This week, it was getting worse! Shelly said, “We gotta get you into a doctor.” Can’t do that from an anchorage! So we had to find a slip for a few nights.

Blue Dot shows where we stayed for three nights at this Miami-Dade run marina.

As you get into Southern Florida you run into the following characteristics:

Marina’s are more expensive ($5-$8 per foot)

Marinas are full, often needing reservations weeks in advance.

Boaters are less courteous, waking is very common. So you need to prepare the salon and galley for a rough ride… even if you are only going a few miles on the ICW.

But we learned that Miami-Dade County owns several marinas that are in the area. One of them, with a very reasonable rate of $2.10/ foot… it was close… and they could take us for 3 nights!!! That gave us access to Lyft and Urgent Care physicians in the area. One even had x-ray imaging on-site.

With no appointment, we got in. Diagnosis was a left Trapezius muscle that has been spasm-ing for weeks. X-rays and two injections (muscle relaxer and anti/inflammatory) were given to confirm. X-rays were normal, and the shots helped. So some pills for muscle relaxers were prescribed.

One amazing thing we found was an appliance that would dispense my Rx right there in the lobby/waiting room!!! We didn’t have to Lyft or Uber to a CVS, then Uber/Lyft back to the boat.

We signed up for three nights (Wed, Thur, Fri) because we did not know how easy it was going to be to see a doctor.

This strategy also enabled us to meet up with co-worker Janet Pincus and BF Lawrence for dinner… strategy worked! We had a great time at an Argentine restaurant nearby Friday night. Sorry, we forgot to take a team photo!

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