Providence – more than just a city in RI

Providence – meaning “God provides”

We just pushed off from a week and a day at Cocoa Village Marina FL. It was an enchanting week with great people surrounding us each day.

Chris and Ken two of the team that we exchanged favors with all week. Karen and Johnny were two others on the marina’ staff, and there was a fellow customer named Lyle.

Lyle and Chris had come through for us a couple days ago with much needed assistance on the solar project.

Lyle’s father needed to get from their boat to the marina parking lot and then to the hospital. A wheelchair was needed for the task, as his dad was incapacitated.

Ken and Lyle walked over to the nearby dentist office to see if, by chance, they had a wheelchair. Sitting there in the waiting room was Shelly, who was standing vigil while I was getting my dental work done.

Shelly said, “I have a wheelchair, right on our boat!” One slip away from Lyle’s boat was her wheelchair which they then used to get Lyle’s dad to the hospital where he has been admitted. Our prayers are with him as he is reportedly having a tough time.

One thought on “Providence – more than just a city in RI

  1. Hey loves!! Getting caught up on your blog. What a great story! Always there for people, lending a helping hand. Hope all is well with your dental work Ray. Today is 3/18, Geo and I flew into Traverse City,MI. We picked up a new custom tent for the boat show booth. We are driving it south as set up for the show and boats arrive Monday! Lol.

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