Creech’s Porch NC mm 308… on Halloween even!

What could be scarier than Creech’s Porch on Hallween? Well we could not imagine, so we had to come see!

Robert Creech, Honoree Looper, Harbor Host, and PIRATE! (Love the ear ring Robert!). He took off the eye patch for this picture.


Creech’s Porch NC might not show up on many charts, maps, or cruising guides, but it shows up in hundreds of log books of Loopers who have come through Southport NC. Pull into the Provision Company’s free dock and walk a block or two to the head of the harbor where Kay and Robert have lived for a few decades.

Trick or Treaters braved this path up to Creech’s Porch this evening, as did lots of other friends whom Shelly and I got to meet.

Not to be outdone, Kay had her costume hat on! … a bit less intimidating for the little munchkins seeking candy.

Cape Fear and Bald Head in the distance, Southport NC in the middle, and a scary front lawn was our view this evening from “Creech’s Porch NC.”

Thank you for helping us re-provision, Kay and Robert!

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