Rendezvous with Janthena’s crew!

Deb and Mac of Janthena came to meet us in their home port of Oriental NC, aka “O-Town”.

Crews of Shellerina and Janthena squish in for a selfie at Silos, local’s favorite.

They also came with forwarded US Mail and Rx prescriptions that we had filled at the not-so-nearby CVS.

This old pic show where Silos got their name.
Artwork adorns the concave walls of Silos much like art does in the Guggenheim, near Central Park NYC.

The food was a great surprise to Shelly and I, but not for O-Town locals Deb and Mac. It comes highly recommended to all Loopers passing thru Oriental.

Clearly this place is also loved for its local entertainment. So, add that to all your other passage-timing criteria next time you are coming thru these parts!

Another gift from Deb was a handmade desert treat which we had back on the boat.

Sliced almond encrusted fig-shortbread treats. Light and unbelievably good.

Deb “warned” us that this was a new “experiment” that she cooked up. No warning was necessary. “Deb, you can experiment on us anytime!” Thank you.

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