50 nm day to cross Albermarle Sound

Two markers like this one mark the 15 mile trek across the sound. Perfect sea state for a big crossing like ours today!

From our 2-night anchor spot on ICW mm 26.4 we are now anchored in the upper Alligator River area, having crossed the Albermarle Sound. Seas were calm and wind was under 10 mph going with us, so the overcast skies were of no concern.

Albermarle Sound is about 15 miles across. Tonight, we are anchored near ICW mm 82. St Johns River FL is at mm 470… so we still have a ways to go.

We are looking forward to meeting my brother Russ and wife Kim in Belhaven Wednesday! Then we get to meet up with Gold Loopers Deb and Mac of Janthena at their home port of Oriental on Thursday! So its a big week for us.

Our “routes” are programmed into our auto pilot… read from bottom up. All are easier/shorter passages than today’s 50 nm run.

Interesting Note: Our boat is still all set up for nm or nautical miles. Whereas, all the ICW mile marker (mm) references are in statute miles. So, this January 1, 2023, we will be converting all our navigation system units to statute miles, which is not only what the ICW uses, but also what the Erie Canal, and western rivers are standardized on.

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