A productive Saturday!

It started with changing out our fuel filters. We have two: a Racor 30 micron, and a CAT 2 micron on the engine.

6.5” of mercury recorded on this vacuum gauge. So, as it is starting to approach the yellow, it is time to change out the fuel filters.
If you don’t have one, get one. Every time I check my oil, I take a picture if this with my smartphone. It simply screws into the top of your Racor filter housing.

Old Racor filter element shown below. (It was new Feb 2022):

New Racor installed today:

The first thing you do when changing fuel filters is close the fuel shut-off valve. Today I learned that after changing the filters, it helps a lot to re-open that fuel cut-off valve before trying to start the engine. <wink> The engine ran like shit, until I realized my mistake! LOL

2 micron CAT secondary (attached to port side of engine.)

After all the work was done:

We exchanged hugs and kisses with Colleen and Tony of Lady Kadey, then headed down the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) from MM zero, Norfolk VA. We knew we had a chance at a couple of free walls and Atlantic Boat Basin at MM 12. But we also knew there were anchorages within 12 miles further down, if needed.

We missed out on diesel fuel for $5.02 /gallon at Top Rack (MM 8). Gene of Galene told me about this place, and Mac of Janthena told me he scored diesel for UNDER $5 just last week here!!! Alas, our tank’s needle still pointed to “F”. So we did not stop.

Addendum: I just realized that where we filled up at Chesapeake Boat Basin, in Kilmarnock VA, had diesel at $4.86 per gallon beating this price!

Then we got to Great Bridge VA, where there is a lock. So gotta take a lock pic of Shelly!

Shelly manages all the lines for docks and locks.

This lock and four bridges that had to open for us (read: we had to wait) made the 26.4 miles take a bit longer than expected.

The sun was getting low, so we simply pulled over along the ICW at MM 26.4 where a sailboat had the same idea. Three others have since joined us here.
3.5 hours, 21.5 nautical miles

There is a Gale Warning out for these parts tonight and tomorrow. So we may be here for a bit. Friends we made along the way today anchored a bit close and directly upwind of us. So we politely asked them to move which they did.

Nice people that moved when we asked. I love the name of their boat. Rambunctious was a word that was frequently used in my childhood home! They are from Long Island too!
All secured! How’s this sunset for a finish to a productive day!

Tomorrow? Stay put and hunker down OR make a play for Coinjock NC (MM 50.0) where we have never stopped (yet).


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