Deltaville VA

Fishing Bay, Deltaville VA You can see the very narrow alternative entrance to Deltaville to the right. If we needed protection from a storm, we’d brave the narrow inlet. But the forecast doesn’t show anything too exciting for the next few days. The north entrance to this port is also quite narrow. (Not shown)
Color-coded Army Corps of Engineers’ contours for the other entrance. (The magenta boat symbol on the left is us.)

Today we took a quick 2-hour hop south and anchored in Fishing Bay, Deltaville VA. There are three ways to get into Deltaville, from the north (narrow, shoal-ly), from the south (same), and in this bay that is risk-free. About 20 boats came in here to anchor before and after us. There is plenty of room for all.

The blue dot is us. Norfolk is the major port shown about 40 nautical miles to the south.

Today’s jump shortens our next hop to Norfolk. We are trying to minimize the long days of 50 miles or more. There are not a lot of good stop options between here and Norfolk (40nm) that are on the way.

Mile Zero (MM 0.0) of the American Intracoastal Waterway AICW or ICW, starts in Norfolk and continues all the way to Plantation Key FL (MM 1153.4). (It is tracked in statute miles.)

St Johns River FL, our “hailing port” intersects the ICW at about MM 740. So that’s where we hope to be in about a month, (mid-November).

There is also a Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GICW) that goes all the way to Brownsville, Texas.

Anchor lights around us after sunset.

And later…


2 thoughts on “Deltaville VA

    • Patti we’ll be at Tidewater for one night tomorrow (Friday). Then making our way down the ICW (not the Dismal Swamp).

      Looper friends of ours, Tony and Colleen of Lady Kadie, whom we have not seen for a year or so, will be at Tidewater too. Join us if you can!


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