Mantus S2 Anchor Swivel-Shackle

I was all excited to finally deploy my new Mantus S2 swivel. I’ve been carting it all around for almost a year. The ol’ standard style shackle was working fine, but I figured this style would pull up more smoothly through the bow pulpit.

Then, this morning, the anchor cannot be brought all the way up due to this “wrap”. Fortunately conditions were flat dead calm this morning. So I could leave the helm to assist Shelly with this.
This isn’t supposed to happen!

The old one never did this.

If this happens again the old shackle is going back on!

While it IS true we had a 180 degree wind change last night, one would think that the shackle which could swivel would outperform the traditional style. Again we never experienced this before with the traditional one.
Traditional shackle
Our new Mantus S2, which is supposed to be better! It certainly costs more!

Addendum: six weeks later…

We‘ve anchored out at least a dozen times since this event, including in rivers with tidal current changes. Thankfully, this problem has not happened again.

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