Bannister Bay – Lawrence NY

We are anchored here, enjoying some FREE nights on the hook in a beautifully protected harbor.

We are watching and waiting for a good weather window to exit the nearby Far Rockaway Inlet to cut across the Ambrose shipping channel to NYC to make Manasquan River Inlet in Brielle NJ. Thursday or Friday might work.

The sea birds have been feasting on schools of 6-8” baitfish that begin jumping like crazy all around us. Obviously, something is chasing them from below… Bluefish or Striped Bass. So, Ray has a good casting rod ready to go. Nothing yet.

If we start catching fish, we’ll be able to stay here indefinitely… going to the dock for fresh water once a week or so!

Its been raining a lot today, so the solar collectors aren’t earning their keep yet.

Nearby JFK airport was making for a lot of noisy air traffic overhead yesterday. But as the Anchor Alarm APP shows, the winds have shifted making them depend on a different set of runways today.

The Internet here has been strong from both of our providers, the fridge is packed. We are good for several days if need be.

T-Mobile is finally earning its keep aboard this boat, after making Verizon Wireless do double duty for the past few weeks.

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