Naples Maine Music Fest 2022!

With lifelong friends: Tammy, Britta, Jake, Shelly, Ray, Ernie

Packman Dave on guitar till 8:00

Freedom Cafe, Naples Maine


Robin + son, Jake!
Packman Dave is back!


I cannot tell you how much deep personal history we’ve experienced at this venue in past years.


Ray with retiring owner of this establishment, Darryl Murray. Darryl’s right hand, Dana Barrows, takes the reigns this season as GM. Darryl let us tie up to his docks here at Freedom Cafe many times over the years, as many life decisions were made to move on to other (bigger) waters.

Darryl has purposefully built-in a culture among his staff that I will elaborate upon later. Stay tuned.

See you at Windjammers Days in a couple weeks, Darryl!

Next door:

Brother Fleckers (former Sandy’s Flight Deck)

Tammy, daughter Britta, Shelly
Jordon Kaulback plays for us… they have ample parking for boats, planes, and cars here! Naples (Maine) Causeway.
Father and Son-in-Law seem to be getting along!
At least Ernie is in-focus!


This sign used to be on the dock dedicated to seaplanes.
Owner, Susan Fleck, daughter of James Build, shows off some of the historical memorabilia that she hung in Brother Flecker’s on the Causeway.

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