After dinner pics…

After our great dinner I took the following pics… sculptures… INside the Pilot House and stuff outside seen on our walk back to the boat.

Nice, but no positive signs of buoyancy if this lifeboat capsizes!
This newly paved road along the south edge of the basin is called ED MOFFITT Drive. Ed Moffitt used to own this whole marina and “harbor of refuge.” It was Ed’s privately owned marina, but reportedly during bad storms vessels could tuck in here. I am not certain of the fee he charged back then exactly. But, I plan to research this some more. The USACE (Army Corps) took the place over in the late 1970’s if I heard the story correctly. Watch for updates to this post.
My first thought when I saw this was, “This must be a joke?!” Actually, I figured out, I bet this is a historic structure. This “marina office” resembles an outhouse, compared to the other office pictured in an earlier post today which is rather exquisite! This building must have been Ed Moffitt’s marina office! I’ll find out and
update this post accordingly! I promise.

This abandoned vessel was put up for auction in April 2021, and was supposed to be removed from the harbormaster’s property here near the launch ramp of the basin. It does not appear that they had a successful auction!

My brother Russ found this link about this PILOT boat:

More details to follow!

Well, Tuesday I met the fellow who won that auction. He is a young merchant mariner out of FL who simply could not make this investment work. He was in town to complete the sale of the vessel to a local who had the resources, time, and skills to bring her back to seaworthy condition. He says the engine ran, but there were too many other things that made it impossible for him to get the boat to FL where he could work on it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch,

This launch ramp was VERY busy yesterday!!! It was a weekend day in May! (Not so busy today.)

Here is a closer look at the signs on either side of the ramp. I found them VERY innovative.

Left side of ramp.
Not Photoshopped!
This is the sign on the right side of launch ramp. My guess is they 1) get paid more attention to, and 2) show up properly in one’s rear view mirrors.

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