Manasquan River NJ to East Rockaway Inlet, Long Is, NY.

Our starting point was Clarks Landing Marina right off the canal hitting the Manasquan River from the NJ Intracoastal Waterway.
Clarks Landing. A wedding reception venue AND marina. Bathrooms and showers were clean and at ground level. Decent ships store. worked well for us here to get restocked. We appreciated this marina’s reasonable fee, as Hoffmans was now asking $5/ft per night.
Looking west: New docks, fixed docks, difficult to get on and off. They put transients on the far left (north) as you approach from the Manasquan River’s channel. We approached at peak ebb on the river, but honestly, current was not a big issue once we got in close here. They were NOT great at giving directions on VHF as we approached. 

We don’t like to be negative, but… Our slip did not have ladders like those shown above. Not really sure why they seemed to put us in their worst slip ?!?!

Once we exit Manasquan Inlet NJ, it is a straight shot across the shipping lane of Ambrose Channel to get to East Rockaway Inlet NY. The waypoint with the Finish Line Flag shows where we cross our wake. Pretty cool!

It all happens tomorrow afternoon!!!

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