Utsch’s Marina, Cape May NJ

Make R-16 from either direction. Then follow their headwall within 35 feet. Turn right just before their lighthouse.

Blue Circle = Lighthouse

We left this morning soon after dead low tide. No problem with 8 ft, so long as you hug their wall! Fuel Docks, office, bait shop is straight in where yellow arrow points. Bow-in slips down that fairway on left is where they put us.

Free cup of hot coffee every a.m. at the [well stocked] Bait Shop. Block ice! The Ship’s Store is also very respectable off the marina office. 2 restaurants very close by.
Famous for a gift bag with surprises inside. Ernie and Wayne make it a friendly place. They will catch your lines during business hours (VHF 16>9).
Shellerina in her birth at Utsche’s.

In the stern, Shelly is prepping for our “push off”. Here’s a good look at our fender boards.

Utsch’s Lighthouse this morning on our way OUT.

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