Slow down the wind turbine!

This morning I finally figured it out!

We have been stuck here in Crisfield MD for 6 days and five nights because it has been too windy and rough to cross the Chesapeake Bay and get to Solomons MD.

So I found out who the person is who is in-charge of the wind turbine and called him up on the phone. I simply asked him to slow down the wind turbine for a few hours so it wouldn’t be so windy. Problem solved!

Click to see video above of slowed down wind turbine. Finally we can move on to the next port!

Addendum… later in the day:

That worked; we are now out in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, and there is no wind! I’ll have call the guy to thank him!

Solomons MD here we come.

Secured 6:00pm Solomons MD

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