Lots of exciting things to report!

1-We are officially FL residents! FL drivers licenses, FL registered boat, FL registered car (stored at second address in New England).

Rather than give you all our advice, we like this article from (yet un-met) “friends” Chris and Cherie:


Thank you Chris & Cherie!


2- We rented a car!!! Wow! Un-restricted mobility in-port. It’s been a long time since we had that!!!

3- New E-Propulsion outboard!

4- Santa delivers more each day! So nice to be in one place to predict/accept deliveries.

5- Teeth cleaning appointments booked! WOW!


Getting used to North Florida temps… and planning the rest of this winter (and next)!


We found a place who would refill our fiberglass propane tank!

8- Merry Christmas!

Our holiday preparations are going well. Hope yours are too!

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