St Augustine – night 2+3

A good mix of old and new art adorned the walls.

Don’t let all these empty tables fool you. It was a cold and dreary Sunday morning when I took these pics. This place was packed yesterday afternoon and evening. Which is their norm here. The indoor tables were all full this hour, one of them by us!!!

The Jerked Chicken Roll was the best!

We came at lunch time, before the Tom Brady football game, because we were concerned about a long wait for a table at dinner. Great game v. Buffalo Bills went into OT. But the Bucks took the win!

In how many of these pics can you see Shellerina?

Honest review of this as a place to stay for next year?

We won’t be back here for a prolonged stay because the pool was “open” but not being cleaned (or heated).

Conch House Marina Resort has all the right ingredients to live up to the word “resort” in its name. But they disappointed us on that one huge feature that we were looking forward to.

If the pool is managed by the motel staff, the marina staff should take over the pool, and get it cleaned and heated.

Does this marina have a lot of vacancies? No. So that’s why we are not keeping our hopes up for an improvement here.

The customer service attitude here was ALMOST as good as we experienced at the St Augustine Municipal Marina, which was exemplary BTW.

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