Close up LAUNCH tonight!

We will be anchored nearby! (Just N of Addison Point Bridge aka Rte 405 “NASA Parkway”)…about 9-10 miles away from the launch pad. Depths appear to be as marked on the charts. There were two sailboats sharing the anchorage with us tonight.

Thanks to AGLCA Harbor Host, John Noll for giving us the heads up about this event!

And, the line up for the next several months:

The green arrow shows where we are anchored. The green circle around Launch Pad 39A shows where the launch happens.


Here is a 3-minute video of the launch as seen from a Wyze CAM V3 mounted on the stern of our boat.

The unmanned mission was completed successfully about 33 minutes after launch by deploying a specialized celestial IXPE telescope in a circular, equatorial orbit 600km above the Earth. That required two precisely-timed “burns” of the second stage of the rocket. All which occurred after the successful landing of the first stage on a floating barge whose name is, Just Read The Directions. (The second stage is also expected to be recovered and re-used.)

This satellite’s mission is expected to last for two years.

There is no sound in the video, as there was a 36-second delay in sound arriving at the boat, as sound travels slower than light. Plus I have blocked the mic port on the CAM to prevent water intrusion, as it is running 24×7 outside in the weather. There is one on the bow as well.


Addendum 2

Better pic of our relative position, over 1/4 mile from ICW channel.

Late night = sleep in, and as you might expect: wake from morning traffic in the channel could be felt.

Chart shows we could have braved this anchorage more deeply. Let us know how y’all make out with that.

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