Sunset Bay Marina & Anchorage – (Stuart FL)

Ok, so the cruising guides will tell you all you need to know about this place. If you can afford a night or three at $3.25 /ft, and if they have room for you… it is worth it, IMO.

If that’s too much for you, seriously, skip to #6 below.

What I will focus on is a few things that I liked, that you won’t read elsewhere.

1) a bunch of (free) bikes to get you to the hardware store. Yes I tried this! Worked.

OR shuttle bus (did not try).

OR Lyft+Uber. Both worked.

Publix is also nearby.

2) Cut stonework impressed me… Looks like a waterway on my chart plotter!

3) BEST coffee (and Seriously FAST WiFi) at Gilberts. Actually worked all the way out to the end of B-Dock. Yes the marina had WiFi too. But Gilbert’s worked better for me.

(With my directional yagi antenna, I’m sure I could get Gilbert’s WiFi from the anchorage across the river. Password is posted on the wall for all to see. Nice artwork in there!)

4) Nicole. The Administrative Manager of this marina. When you talk to her you’ll know why Nicole makes this list.

5) Sailor’s patio and Sailor’s lounge. Up Stairs or use elevator.

The single most un-used asset of this marina. The perfect setting for Docktails.

I should have put on the Weather Channel for this pic.

Can you spot Shellerina?!

(neither can I)


6) Dinghy Dock!

Not to be under-stated.

Dockage is at a premium. MOORING BALLS may also be unavailable.

SO, this place sports dinghy docks to make town available to you if you anchor out across the river from the mooring field. Dozens were there this week, and all were using these dinghy docks to access town.

I think Nicole has a reasonable way for anchor-ers to even get access to laundry, bikes, etc. Call and ask.

I’ll update this post once we know fer sure.

Stuart FL is a hot spot close to town. Dinghy Docks are a big feature.

7) the on-prem restaurant, Sailors Return, was great. AND they have courtesy dockage!

You just gotta figure out how to navigate in there! LOL. (And navigate OUT … once you have finished dessert!)

Several boats figured it out and tied up to this courtesy dockage for dinner while we were there. (Probably locals. But if they can do it, why can’t YOU?!)

Good luck beating the colorful lights of this fellow!

(I don’t think the lights are a prerequisite to courtesy dockage for dinner.)

Stay the night there at the courtesy dock???

Good luck! I’ll leave that to y’all to dicker for. <wink>


History buffs:


The Old Roosevelt Bridge probably deserves a post of its very own. I’ll work on it.

Brian Adams’s forum post on “Fuel Price - WOW” mentions this interesting piece of transportation infrastructure. I’ll see what I have for pics for you.

As you might expect, its not the bridge itself, but the humans that make this interesting.


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