Clearwater Beach FL

David & Tasha (and Remy!) of Now or Never

Jim & Page of Lega Sea

Scott & Becky of Laman’s Terms

Rick & Dori of My Dori 3

Cheryl & Pete of Varnalbania

Thad & Cindy of Glorious Dei

Shelly & Ray of Shellerina

After docktails, we all headed for the Bait House for dinner. It is a fantastic little restaurant right here on the docks. Zero fried food! The sauce on their Drunken Shrimp dish is the best… Worth a stop in this port just for that!

The staff have all worked here a long time and they’ll touch your hearts. Looper stories were welcomed.

Yes. You have to walk through the bait shop to get to the bar and restaurant, what a hoot.

There are two municipal marinas in this town, one on each end of the causeway.

We stayed at The Beach end and loved it. (I emailed Michael MacDonald, the operations manager. He promised to make a problem with a shortage of laundry quarters go away for those of you coming after us).

Newer docks (floating) are reportedly found at the other facility. The docks here are fixed. (Remember they told you about tides now that we are off the Tenn-Tom Waterway?!).

One “trick” is to tie your [newly cleaned] fenders to the dock fingers instead of your boat. Problem solved!

( Just don’t forget them when you leave port, LOL. )


TideMinders also came in handy here. Thank you to our Admiral for suggesting it, and thank you to dock mate and friend Steve Romano back on Long Island for gifting them to Shellerina when we bought her!

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