Elevation ZEE-ro!

Coffeeville Lock brought Shellerina back to elevation zero = sea level which we left in May as we started on the Erie Canal.

This Egret, foraging on the lower gate of the Coffeeville Lock, probably had no idea of the significance of this lock bringing thousands of vessels back to sea level, day in and day out.

The current shown here is not likely TIDAL, as there is still a lot of fresh water flowing south. It may be 24 hours or so before Shelly gets to smell salt water!

I have an app that tells me our elevation. It is fun in planes too.

When the Alabama River converges with the Tombigbee River, they both evidently become the Mobile River. Knowing the name of the river you are on helps! <wink>

Very interesting geology and geography with lots of twists and turns in the Tenn-Tom River here.


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