Columbus Marina MS (mm335). Final Approach

[Please] Let Steve or Jimmy talk you into Columbia Marina from the river. The working/nav channel of this part of the river is 16 (not13), hail them there and they’ll probably move to 9.

These appropriately colored PVC “day markers” on your final approach should be taken right down the middle aiming for the fuel dock. If you stay in the middle you’ll be able to ignore the scary things your depth sounder is telling you. There’s 5 ft of water but only room for 1 at a time. So wait your turn if its busy. Once you are inside… past this spot, your depth sounder will relax.

Your rewards follow:

There are TWO courtesy vehicles to get to Kroger grocery and “Tough Guys” barber shop. Paige Hitt did a nice job on my mop. (The OTHER barber shop (which you’ll pass on the right into town) will ask you to download an app to make an appointment?!?! … That’s a first for me.)

Tough Guys, on the other hand, takes Walk-ins and gives you a free beer with every cut (but bring your own lime if you choose the cold Corona).

No lie. Free Beer with a haircut. I love this place!


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