Low Light Cameras Help!

Above, what humans and our smart phone sees, and what our Wyze CAM v3 sees, as shown on the phone on the “dashboard” on the lower left.

Look at the lights on shore and dark skyline above the tree line and compare it to what we can see with the camera-fed smartphone on the dash.


Below is a close up of what we were seeing on our phone (or tablet!)

(Un retouched pic from the CAM’s memory.)

OK… now:

Below is a video of us underway that same night showing what we could see after dark with the help of our cams. Note our friend, Rusty’s, spotlight pointing at the trees ahead of them. Make no mistake, it was dark by this time.

We could see more!


These inexpensive Wyze CAM v3 cameras are very helpful underway at night.

This is a great safety enhancement… (+waterproof), and its not a lot of money! <$40 each


We could have anchored out. But we also had an unresolved fresh water pressure “issue” that cropped up underway during the day today. So, we decided to poke-in a little further using ALL of our ‘tools’, (e.g. cams+chart-plotter+depth sounders) to “see what we could see”.

We ultimately were able to secure in a slip at an non-illuminated marina dock.

The Wyse v3 CAMs absolutely helped to give us more safe options underway. We have one mounted forward, and one aft that run in any light conditions 24×7. We have ours set to non-infrared! They give full color from available light.

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