Tomorrow night we will likely be on the hook!

We are on our way to the Looper’s conference, aka “Fall Rendezvous”!

We are looking at these two places to drop anchor just before getting to Florence AL. It puts us within VHF radio range and AIS (Automatic Identification System) distance of the Wilson Lock’s traffic. That lock has been experiencing delays due to mechanical difficulties.

The closer proximity will help us coordinate with the Lock-master… we hope.

A special “Thank You” to Tom & Bonnie Bayer of Nex Adventure for sharing all their local intel, cruising tips, and the fresh Basil leaves from their on-board herb “terrarium.”

I think I need to coin a new word for a “floating greenhouse.” I’ll start looking up my Latin roots.


Once we got here…

We talked to the skipper of Shangrila about his choice of anchorage for the night. I could tell that he has anchored here many times in the past by the sounds of his confident description of his choice. He was somewhat out of the current below Buck Island at mile 249, shown below.

As it turns out, when I called the Lock-master of Wilson Lock, he basically promised instant service this late afternoon and evening, as all the commercial tows had passed for the day!

The Admiral said, “Let’s go for it!” So we did… knowing there were many anchorages to pick from in Wilson Lake once we got past this troublesome lock.

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