34th Anniversary

Here is a pic on our anniversary a few years ago… (old boat on right).

Here we are today in Clifton TN at Clifton Marina & RV Park. We asked Marcy and Bryan Holmes of Eleanor Grace to join us for our anniversary dinner! We had a great meal and a great time. (Rack of Lamb and Quail Bites)

This venue came highly recommended by other Loopers… mostly for the FOOD. Marinas with good restaurants ON-SITE are especially appreciated by Loopers… and they are rarely found.

But where many of the marinas around here are telling us about how slow business is after Labor Day, this place is hopping! Dinner tables filled, slips filled with Loopers and other transients, their fleet of rental pontoon boats are all out, the fuel dock has a steady flow of traffic coming and going… all day.

Who is behind all this?

Stacy & Christopher Huntingford are active owners of this place, are here most every day doing what it takes to make for a very successful marina business. This is their 3rd season as owners.

(above). Christopher’s mom, Susan King is also a stalwart supporter of the cause.

Basically, tell them what you need, they or the staff will do their best to accommodate. One example, Shelly uses a cane and we asked for them to do their best to get us a place in close to civilization (showers, laundry, etc.). We got front row seats!

There are other special things that I won’t detail here; just know… these people and their staff are motivated to make your stay one-to-remember here.

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