Lock 27 – “busiest lock in the country”

Five of us left Alton at sun-up. We went through the Congressman Mel Price Lock without delay. But we waited for 3-4 hours at Lock 27 “Chain of Rocks” lock, just north of St Louis IL, “PC-s” or “pleasure craft” are last in the priority queue for locking. Dredges, government vessels, commercial tugs and tows go before they try to fit us “PC-s” into queue.

Radian Journey, Last Laugh, Irish Hurricane, Shellerina, and Sakado were part of this early group who waited for hours. It seemed like they were enjoying making us wait. I finally asked permission to drop anchor in the lock approach area, (granted).

Another hour or two passed.

But then, finally, the POSSE showed up!

Look at all these “PC-s” coming down the Chain of Rocks canal towards us!!!

Within minutes, of seeing all these PC-s, the L-27 Lockmaster announced on VHF-14 that we’d finally get to go into the chamber to head down river!!!

Was this large group that influential?!?! Sure seemed like it to this crew!

We’ve also heard that a change of gender helps. If we let our Admirals handle the lockmaster communications on VHF-14, perhaps we’ll get better cared for???!

Shellerina seen in the “Chain of Locks” canal.


3 thoughts on “Lock 27 – “busiest lock in the country”

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    • Hi Jane! Thanks for being our #1 fan and commenter.
      Shelly told me you want some REPLIES! So, we will!
      FYI, September statistics were a huge bump for us on blog viewers. Lots of people living the blog. But you are our #1!


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