Jeremy Fowler, native to these waters (Ottowa IL). Someone whom everyone around here knows. His reputation precedes him, even for those of us from away.

Jeremy’s nightly “Looper Briefings” are a must-see for anyone heading south on these inland rivers. He is generous with his incredible first-hand knowledge (and subtle humor) for all things coming up for the rest of us.


Below is Jeremy’s boat!

Obviously, he sometimes works strange hours on top of keeping his marina staff productive & happy and, of course, keeping all of us marina customers more than satisfied!

For example:

Late last night Jeremy was working on freeing a hard-grounded sailboat well into the wee hours of this morning. That was his finish to a busy Labor Day weekend.

I know this because this afternoon I met the grateful captain of that lucky sailboat that finally got pulled off. (Like Jeremy, he hadn’t gotten much sleep!)

SO, after that…

Did Jeremy come in late this Tuesday a.m. after Labor Day?

No! I was in the office ten minutes after it was open for business. He personally took my request for a courtesy vehicle … bright and early; and he was running on all cylinders.

It won’t take you long when you visit Heritage Harbor Marina to see that this guy makes this place go… he has a calm competence.

I actually noticed even before I entered the harbor.

(One can pick up a lot even over the VHF radio!)

“That must have been that Jeremy-guy I’ve heard about,” is exactly what I thought before my arrival. Sure enough, it was.


“Thank You, Jeremy, for your dedication to Loopers from everywhere, and ALL boaters from anywhere.”

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