Summer Island

We are anchored in Summer Cove, Summer Island. (Our last port in Michigan). Rocky bottom, but we appear to be holding. We have a second anchor ready to deploy if need be.

With 70F crystal clear water, I had to go snorkeling! It was great!

I checked the anchor to see if I could find out HOW the heck it was holding. The very tip was in 1 inch of rock material. But otherwise, I have no idea how it held all afternoon! (I wish I had a GoPro underwater camera to show you what I mean.)

The boat has not moved off of the waypoint set hours ago.

Next time through, I’ll pass by this anchorage. I’d certainly not recommend it at all for a refuge from rough weather. But for this night of light airs, (5-8mph) we’ll be fine.

Honestly, I think simply having several hundred pounds of chain and anchor, is all that was needed to hold us… even though it is on top of nothing but rock.

Today’s passage:

About six hours underway. 32 nm.

Before leaving Manistique, we fueled up and pumped out. We’ll have some statistics soon!

A formation of 3 of these helicopters flew by here today. We suspect Biden, VP Harris, or Obama was being transferred someplace.

I could tell they were not expecting to see a 39 foot vessel anchored in this quiet, remote place as they veered off to the north sharply as soon as they saw us. (I guess they don’t have AIS!)

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